“Once you stop learning, you start dying”- Albert Einstein

The Ibin Sina Continuing Medical Education initiative originated from our humble vision to acquire up-to-date medical knowledge and to spread it among the fraternity with a goal to serve the community competently.

To keep pace with the day to day advancements in Medicine and Dentistry is practically unfeasible even in today’s closely connected world and so way back in 2009 we launched the Ibin Sina CNE as the chosen interface where the busy healthcare personnel can listen to, discuss and debate various current issues with groups of international subject experts.

Today we have come a long way; four MoHAP accredited conferences in Medicine and Dentistry are held annually employing the most advanced total conference managing solutions. Attended regularly by more than a thousand delegates and empowered by insightful speakers the Ibin Sina CME has distinguished itself as the largest healthcare event in the northern region of the United Arab Emirates.