Physical therapist will work in a variety of settings including sports clinics, clinics that specialize in workplace injuries, Rehabilitation of patients that have surgery, strokes or other orthopaedic, neurological events that limit function, inpatient rehabilitation facilities that provide intensive therapy individuals who need improve bodily function. The physical therapist will evaluate the components of movement and develop a treatment protocol to improve the following;

  • Strength of an individual body part.
  • Improvement in the range of motion.
  • Improvement in linear or body flexibility.
  • Improvement in balance.
  • Improvement in posture.
  • Improvement in physical endurance.
  • Improvement in overall body coordination.

The Physiotherapy department is staffed with a team of expert physiotherapists with specialist training in the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems, work with patients for the facilitation and restoration of movement and function. Physiotherapy can play a vital role in pain relief, healing and rehabilitation.

Services offered:
• Musculo skeletal conditions like epicondylitis, tendinitis, myalgia, arthralgia etc.
• Disc disorders in back & neck.
• Degenerative conditions like arthritis etc.
• Neurological conditions like bell’s palsy, stroke etc.
• Rehabilitation of post traumatic stiffness.
• Rehabilitation of post-surgical conditions like ACL reconstruction etc.
• Management of pregnancy related back pain.